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Bozeman, Montana


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Hello & Welcome


My name is Sami. I am from the foothills of North Carolina. For many years I was a nomad living in several different states and foreign countries. I met my cowboy while working at Anasazi, a non-profit organization based in Mesa, AZ. My husband is my true love and my rock. We now reside in Bozeman, Montana. We have two little boys who are the light of our lives. 


I am a runner, coke-a-cola drinker, mug lover, sweater weather fan, and a movie watcher. I love afternoon thundershowers and the sound of a rain on a tin roof. I'm a hopeless romantic and a die hard fan of love.  My weaknesses are shoes, camera accessories, and anything Joanna Gaines. 

I am the creator and owner of HoneySeed Photography.


Why do I do what I do? 

I have always loved stories.  Stories of strength, love, passion, and life.  Stories are what fill my cup.  They are what make me have chill bumps, tear up, and fall more in love with life everyday.  

I have always had a passion for photography and film.  I studied film and photography when I went to school at Southern Virginia University.  There I found out what my passion was. My passion is people and capturing their stories. I love to be a witness for just a short time and capture those precious moments for you to enjoy for a lifetime.